Research and Development

Imagining tomorrow's products and services.

For PROTEOR innovation is the result of an ongoing dialogue with the patients, specialist physicians, prosthetists and orthotists, and is also due to a fruitful collaboration with university hospital centers and engineering schools.

PROTEOR teams are guided by this state of mind toward a goal - to imagine differentiated products and services that constantly improve patients' well-being.


PROTEOR allocates from 3 to 4% of its turnover to Research and Development. The company cooperates especially with the Biomechanics Laboratory of ENSAM - Arts et métiers ParisTech, CERAH (Center of studies and research for fitting disabled people) and the university of Burgundy - Franche Comté.

After entering sport market by selling running blades and a knee adapted to sliding sports, PROTEOR devotes a part of its researches to smart prostheses and orthoses.

In the prosthetics field, PROTEOR develops a "bionic leg" that will provide solutions for everyday life constraining situations.

In the orthotics field, PROTEOR conducts researches on spine pathologies and the consequences of diabetes. The company has also launched the OdrA orthosis, a knee orthosis designed to relieve the pain due to knee osteoarthritis.

These devices will widen the long list of products invended by PROTEOR over the years, such as the night-wear spinal orthosis (the so-called Caen spinal orthosis), the SIDO seat brace which provides posture stimulation, the FCP walking orthosis, the flexible Keasy liner and the Nemo and Keo environmental controls.

Beyond these products, the aim of PROTEOR's innovation is also reflected in the services provided on the spot and in its fitting centers.

3D scanner, touch pad and exchange of paperless records constitute the links of a digital chain that gradually replaces plaster casts and many paper forms.


The network of PROTEOR branches is equipped with these constantly evolving tools that help improve patients' comfort and ease the CPOs' work.


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