In 1913, three craftsmen set up a workshop in Seurre (Burgundy) to supply prosthetists and orthotists with forged and wooden parts. Thanks to the presence of the Saône, a nearby river, they had a ready supply of all the willow they needed.







     The Clarke firm took over this workshop in 1916 and streamlined production to meet the needs of the amputees of World War One. The "Fees-Clarke" leg became the first great success of the company.






     1923 : The company Leon Marx - an orthopedics firm with branches in Paris, Lyon and other main towns - acquired Clarke and used the workshop in Seurre as its Central Fabrication unit.






     1943 : The company was taken over by the grandfather of the PROTEOR Group's current President, Michel Pierron, and in 1949 the company was renamed PROTEOR, in reference to prosthetics and orthopedics.






      1951 was a milestone in the company's history with the setting up of a research department and the start of the industrial design of components to be used by prosthetists and orthotists.




     The company began exporting in 1976 and thus laid the foundations for its development worldwide.




The PROTEOR Group came into being in subsequent years, through the takeover of an orthopedic fitting firm in Luxembourg, and then through acquisitions and set-up in the Czech Republic, in Canada and more recently in China and in Morocco. At the same time, it has extended its range of operations.


PROTEOR and Nabtesco, its partner on the high end prosthetic knee range, have joined their efforts in 2012 to establish themselves on the U.S. market. The same year, PROTEOR launched OdrA, a new concept of orthosis designed to relieve the pain due to knee osteoarthritis.

2013 : PROTEOR celebrated 100 years !




     In 2014, PROTEOR relies on a network of 50 fitting centers all around France to ensure geographic proximity with its patients.





From 1951 up today, PROTEOR has filed 100 patents and 53 brand names with INPI - the French National Institute of Intellectual Property.

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