PROTEOR’s aim and values

PROTEOR's mission is to create and provide innovative solutions for people who want to increase their independence and well-being.

Such an aim implies :
  • a controlled development ensuring PROTEOR's leadership in the orthopedic fields dedicated to people with and without disabilities,
  • continuous innovation shared with major research stakeholders for new technologies, especially in the medical field,
  • the image of a company of reference and excellence in the orthopedic professions.


To fulfill this mission, the company :

  • bases its transactions with all its contacts on values of authenticity, trust and respect of its commitments,
  • adapts skillful solutions focusing on listening and understanding to meet the expectations of each customer,
  • appears as a conquering company on its strategic markets.


By adhering to these values, PROTEOR intends to combine economic competence and professional ethics.

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